LN Journals

The LN Journals are a collection of theoretical proposals addressing various global and social crises facing humanity in the post-millennial era. Individual theories are categorized according to the natural progression of civilizations and the maturity of life and civility among humanity. Thinkers address topics such as governing societies, the utilization and distribution of natural resources across the globe, and the sociological trends of cultural and human relations.

The Concept of Geotic Theory

Civilization advances over the process of time. The earth is rich with natural resources that man uses to develop devices and processes that seem to make life easier yet remain underdeveloped in the areas of adaptation.

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Deific Law and Societal Dynamics

The natural partitioning of culture and land throughout the world has proved humanity unable to adapt to fast changing innovations; which causes the divine underbelly of human nature to fall behind advancement.

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Life and the Human Dilemma

Among a vast, unexplained source of cosmic and biological forces, humanity is a minute microorganism particularly undereducated about the surrounding energy. This vulnerability places us in the path of The Element.

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Member Criteria

To contribute to the LN Journal, members must meet the following criteria. Questions and concerns should be directed to our contact page

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